Adult Bible classes

Concord Street offers a selection of adult Bible classes for both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The topics and teachers will change from time to time throughout the year and students are encouraged to choose the class that best fits their needs.  

For a PDF of the current adult class brochure, please click here or click on the brochure pictured below.


    Auditorium Class— Ron Benvegna

    Topic: Building Faith Through Christian Evidences

    This class will focus on building one's faith through the many evidences found in the Bible.  This class is inspired by the class notes and material used in the Fishers of Men training class.

    Room 135 Class—Mike Baker

    Topic: Lessons from 1 Corinthians

    How do you live faithfully for Christ in a corrupt city? The church in Corinth, a very immoral city, faced many problems which were addressed very directly by Paul. This study will survey 1 Corinthians, a book that is being used by Lads to Leaders for the next convention. 

    First Principles Class Terry Carmichael & Joe Jacobs

    Elders Room Topic: Biblical Principles for Living

    This study is designed for new converts or anyone who wishes to study the first princi-ples in living the Christian life. Topics that are discussed are salvation, sin, worship, prayer, Christ’s life and many others. 

    Young Adult Class—Jonathon Payne & Jerry Brevil

    Room 255 Assorted Spiritual Growth Topics

    This class is a young adult class for both married and single adults. Topics that will be discussed are of a topical nature and are designed to strengthen one’s faith in God and help the Christian bet-ter cope with the struggles of daily life. 

    College Class - Dan Cawthon

    Room 25 Topic: Heart Felt Topics


    Auditorium Class—Mike Baker

    Topic: The Epistle of James.

    This class will conduct a verse-by-verse study of this very practical letter. Students will be challenged to “practice what we preach” in our Christian walk.

    Women’s Class Room 135—Theresa Campbell and various teachers.

    The topic will be a review of the Book titled, “Spiritual Spring Cleaning” by Debbie Schmid. 

    Each week a different chapter will be explored and discussed.

    Men’s Class—Ted Thompson

    Room 55

    During the fall quarter the men’s class will focus on training men to be strong leaders for Christ. Leadership principles will discussed and explored in a friendly, encouraging environment. Men interested in serving the congregation in new ways are encouraged to attend. 

    College Class— Dan Cawthon

    Room 25

    During the Fall students will discuss various Biblical topics in a debate format. Each week different students will prepare and discuss topics in an open forum.