We are active and solid, Bible believing 100-year-old congregation that is culturally diverse with a combined 270 plus family units consisting of 443 members not including children and other family members.  Our Staff presently consists of an Involvement-Minister and Youth Minister.  We are looking for experienced, mature ministers with a minimum of five years of current pulpit experience.
          These candidates must possess a teamwork attitude to coordinate and assist in accomplishing the planned works with our 6 elders and 17 deacons plus our various ministry leaders and administrative staff.  The work will include not only publicly preaching the Word, but will be responsible for assisting in various programs and activities for the building up of the saints, seeking the lost, restoring the fallen away, as well as the numerical growth of our congregation. 

          We are looking for a minister with the following characteristics and capabilities: 

  •         Graduate of a Christian college with degree in Bible or a recognized preacher training school.
  •          Someone who has vision and is biblically and doctrinally sound with a proven ability to preach, teach,                     organize and lead a program of evangelistic outreach.
  •          Possesses a demonstrated passion for saving lost souls and a strong desire to equip and restore the saints. 
  •          Energetic personality and able to communicate easily with people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. 
  •          Visit those who are ill & shut-in, assist families in planning funeral services, and help those who are struggling          in their Christian walk.
  •          Prepare a short Bible article each week for incorporation into the weekly bulletin  
  •          Demonstrated skill with preparation of digital charts, and communications

Concord Street has a very active Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes program, the World Bible School program, and we support numerous Mission efforts. 

To be considered for this role, please submit your cover letter and résumé to .

Concord Street Church of Christ, 626 East Concord Street, Orlando, FL, 32803