Questions and Answers on a possible move

We are very much interested in your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions regarding the possible move away from Concord Street to the property on South Street.  While some details must remain confidential, we will make every effort to be fully transparent and prompt when answering your questions. 

Use the section below to select an area to locate the answer to your question.  If you don't find the question listed, then please click on Question Submission to submit a question.  When you complete the question it will be automatically emailed to the office and we will post the question and the answer within 48 hours if possible.

We continue to solicit your prayers and support during this process.  To God be the glory!

Your Questions Answered Here

Questions and answers will be added in the order we receive them at first. Answers will be provided as soon as we have them.  We may reformat the content later by subject matter.  Please see the Question Submission form to submit additional questions.

  1. What was the announcement about a possible move?  On April 14, a short announcement was made to inform the congregation that the elders were following up on a property on South Street that just came on the market.  This property had previously been a Methodist church and a private school.  Prayers were requested as the elders continued in this process.

  2. Why are we even considering a move away from Concord Street?  There are various problems we now face that can not be adequately solved in our current location.  Please watch the April 28 video presentation for more details.  Lack of parking, classrooms and dual use of our fellowship area are among the main reasons.

  3. Where is the prospective property located?   2113 East South Street, Orlando, FL.  This is near Bumby and the 408.

  4. How far is this from Concord Street?    It is 1.8 miles from Concord Street.

  5. What was this property used for before it was put up for sale?  Previously it had been a Methodist church and then was used as a private school.

  6. Why are the windows boarded up?  The current owners had started the process of removing the stained-glass windows prior to our placing the property under contract.  That is why the windows are boarded up currently.

  7. How old is the facility?  The main portion of the building goes back to 1958.

  8. Are we looking to renovate or to build new with this property?  In the evaluation of the property, we are looking at both options.  Factors to determine the direction will rest upon input from the city on what we can do and the consideration of construction costs.

  9. Are we under contract for the property?  Yes, we are now under contract for the property and began the 60 day window into the due diligence period starting April 24.

  10. How much will all this cost?  Renovations are expected to run between $1.5 and $2.0 Million.  Contract details about the purchase price will not be shown on this page until the sale is closed.  Ask the elders in person for this information.

  11. What will happen to our current facility?  Our current plan is to list this property for sale.

  12. What timeline is being considered for purchase, sale of current, and occupation of new property?  If all goes well during the 60 day due diligence period, then the elders will continue with the close on the new property, secure a bridge loan for the purchase and construction, and list the current property for sale.  These dates will be determined shortly after the 60 day period is closed.

  13. What are the plans for security at the new facility?  Especially concerned with the external corridors.  Security is a priority for the church and steps will be taken to ensure safety of all of our members and guests.  With the current configuration of the South Street property, we would enclose the breezeways and reduce the number of entrances as a way to control security.  Our security team will be heavily involved in the planning for any new facility.

  14. This form is mostly for questions.  Where do I go to provide input to this process?  You can post your comments here if you wish.  There will also be a Family Meeting on Sunday, May 19 at 4:30 for our members to get an update on the process and provide input.