Noah Being Unashamed

Being ashamed is defined as a form of embarrassment or guilt based on one’s actions. Throughout our daily lives as Christians, it is definitely possible to feel ashamed for what we do or how we believe based on how the rest of the world acts around us. Often in our lives as Christians, we can feel guilt and embarrassment because we choose to be different from the world. We may be embarrassed that we don’t partake in the same activities that our friends or co-workers do. 

We can feel ashamed through our guilt, and we have to sometimes separate from people based on the life they are living versus the life we as Christians live. However, in the bible we can look at several examples about people who followed God, followed his word, and model their lives around him and how they dealt with this feeling of being ashamed. All throughout the bible, we can find good examples of people who choose God over the world and how they handle this idea of not being ashamed for what they believed in or what their lives looked like. The person this blog is going to focus on is Noah and his story. 

This is a story most Christians are familiar with as it is a more simplistic story to understand, allowing us to clearly see what is going on. Throughout Genesis 8, we learn the story of Noah and what God wanted Noah to do. Noah could have not listened to God or gone against what God wanted him to do. However, Noah understood that God had a purpose for him to fulfill and Noah went through with building the ark and wrangling up two of every animal to put inside of that ark. During the time of Noah, the world was full of evil, to the point where God wanted to remove every human from the earth with a flood. While Noah was building God’s ark, he could’ve easily felt ashamed or embarrassed that he spent years upon years building this ark, but Noah rejected the ridicule and persevered on the only task that mattered in the end, serving God. 

As Christians we can have moments of embarrassment and might even question why we are doing something, doubting what God has asked from us. It is important for us to remember what our mission here on earth is and what God calls for his people to do. So let us not be ashamed for what we are doing, because we know what we are doing is serving our Lord.