God desires that Christians should grow spiritually in knowledge and practice.  Concord Street provides several ways to help individuals grow in their knowledge of the Bible.  "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" 2 Pet. 3:18.  

  • Bible Classes

    Concord Street offers a selection of adult Bible classes for both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The topics and teachers will change from time to time throughout the year and students are encouraged to choose the class that best fits their needs.  

  • Sonshine Street

    Our children are extremely important to our church family. We take great care in creating an environment where our children can focus on, learn, and apply the Bible teachings that they get every week.

    Our SonShine Street is a unique learning experience. 

  • Livestream

    By using you can watch live services or recordings of previous services.  Just scroll down the list on the right to select the date and time of the service you wish to watch. 

  • Click here to access links to audio and video sermons are provided along with PDF files of PowerPoint lessons.  

  • This 2018 class on the Restoration Movement will cover major personalities, events and beliefs related to the desire to return to New Testament Christianity.  A downloadable PDF of the PowerPoint slides for each class will be available with each video lesson.  We will also include any sermons connected with the Restoration Movement.  

  • November 30-December 2.  Topics include: The Case for Creation; The Problem of the Dinosaurs; Creation vs. Evolution; Tools for Equipping Christians to Defend the Faith; Fruits of Atheism; Protecting Our Children's Faith and Questions and Answers.

  • World Bible School

    World Bible School is a ministry that reaches the entire globe. Many of our members are conducting Bible studies with students in the U.S., as well as several other countries. If you would like to become a WBS teacher, please contact Andy or Jackie Hulsey for more information.  Click here for more information on WBS.

  • 2022 Grief Workshop with Ron and Don Williams

    March 18-20, 2022.  Ron and Don Williams presented very helpful information on grief and loss.  7 of the sessions were recorded and are available here.